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our mission

We’re in business to help independent farmers grow robust industrial hemp crops that best fit the needs of their selected markets. We encourage environmentally responsible farming practices while being committed to a philosophy of continuous process improvement. We deliver independent, unbiased guidance that’s based on real- world, hands-on hemp experience, and we’re committed to advancing the state of the hemp industry in a way that provides the greatest value and equity to all members of the community.




Our Team


destiny young

Head of Genetics


Will Tarleton

co-founder, lead farmer


jordan taaffe

Consulting and Sales


Nate Zeitlin



Putting Emphasis on Soil Health and Organic Production




SIx Boots Farm

Six Boots is a small farm, offering hemp, vegetables, sheep and cut flowers grown with Organic and Biodynamic growing practices. Farmer Will Tarleton has been farming since 2012 and is the Co-Founder of Tennessee Grown.

Allenbrooke Farm

A 20 acre, Certified Organic Farm, located in Williamson County. Allenbrooke is best known for their Organic CSA and on farm events. Farmer Dan Allen has been farming organically since 2010.



Delvin Family Farm

Delvin Family Farm has been growing local produce since 1972.  The 140 acre farm located in College Grove along the Harpeth River is home to two generations of family farmers.  Delvin Farms began in 1972 with Hank, Sr. and Cindy Delvin and their children, Hank Jr., Eric and Amy. In 1997 Hank and Cindy began the process of turning the farm into a certified organic operation and the farm became certified organic in 1998.

Delvin Family Farm believes in growing methods that improve our environment by enhancing the quality of our water, building our soils for healthy plants and by not using harmful chemicals in farming. 


Windy Acres is a 200 acre Certified Organic farm, with a strong history in Organic Grain Production.
Farmer Alfred Ferris has been a leader in Organic Production since the early 80s in Middle Tennessee.

10 of the farm’s acres are dedicated to Industrial Hemp and is currently being managed by TNG Co-Founder Will Tarleton.